Mark Kuzma has received the endorsement of the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association. The MPPOA, founded in 1922, is a 10,000+ member group comprised of municipal police officers, county deputy sheriffs, correctional officers and other public safety professionals. The association focuses on passing laws that support public safety in addition to providing a legislative voice to improve the working conditions and retirement benefits for public safety professionals and their families.

"I am passionate about the strong community work carried out by peace officers throughout the state, and it is an honor to receive the MPPOA's endorsement. I stand ready to help further policies that promote faith and trust in our public safety servants."

Duane Larson, President, The City of Ramsey Foundation

As a 23 year resident of the City of Ramsey, I saw our city struggle to grow during the years of the "great recession" and the aftermath of some corruption in city government. The progressive leadership provided by you, the mayors and council persons, has brought about growth in housing and commercial development in an orderly fashion.  Everyone wants retail and dining options nearby, but many question housing density in the COR and have the typical NIMBY viewpoint. You can't have growth without housing and the other city services and infrastructure to go with it.  Street repair and other ongoing growth expenses need to be accepted as cost of living in a growing community.

Having served with you on the Board of Directors of the City of Ramsey Foundation for the past 8 years, I appreciate your common sense views and support for growth of community programming in the city parks.  With your help we successfully grew the Summer Concert Series at the Draw,  from nothing, to a great community asset.  Your support at the City Council was a great asset to securing part of the funding. Too bad a pandemic came along to dampen a great ten year celebration this summer.

As you know, we recently moved to a senior co-op building in Champlin, but I strongly support your bid for mayor.  Hopefully you can continue to steer city government in a positive direction for all residents and not backslide to some of the selfish positions promoted on social media by some of the political newcomers or their supporters.

Duane Larson, President
The City of Ramsey Foundation

Mike Jennings, President, MN 100 Club

As an Executive Board member of the MN 100 Club, Mark has been a tremendous asset to our 100% volunteer organization that provides immediate financial assistance to surviving families of First Responders who are seriously injured or killed while in the line of duty. Because of Mark's tremendous dedication, leadership and valuable contributions to our organization for over 10 years, we are confident that Mark would be an excellent mayor, and I give my highest recommendation to Mark.

Mike Jennings, President
MN 100 Club

Mike Parker, Ramsey resident and former owner of Graphic Print

Our dealings with Mark as a businessman: he is a great negotiator, honest, intelligent, and has great ideas. He would make a great Mayor for the City of Ramsey.

Mike Parker
Ramsey resident