Vision for Ramsey

Highway 10

I co-authored the Highway 10 improvement plan. The congestion due to the stop lights is causing major back ups on the daily commute to and from work. Safety issues are a problem, as we have had a number of accidents and fatalities. Traffic issues are a prime reason as to why our business development is slower than we would like. Having a free flowing Highway will help attract more businesses to our community. Our residents do not need to sit in unnecessary traffic. I pledge to continue the leadership needed by working with the State of Minnesota, the US Department of Transportation, MNDOT and Anoka County to secure funding for this important project.

Road Funding

As Chair of the Public Works committee, I have been involved with our City road improvements. Each year the roads in the City of Ramsey are rated and ranked. There are over 180 miles of road that need to be maintained. This is our city's most expensive asset and as the roads age, keeping them in good repair is a challenge.
We've tested the assessment model of road funding for the last 5 years, and found that it places too much of a hardship on families. This is why I support implementing a franchise fee. The benefits of moving to a franchise fee as a dedicated funding source include:
  • would eliminate all assessments
  • easier to budget for families
  • saves the city on bonding fees
The Franchise Fee option I support will have a 5 year sunset, and will be evaluated to see how it worked.
A Franchise Fee frequently asked questions page can be found on the city website.

Parks and Trails

Ramsey has the unique distinction to be bordered by the Mississippi River (part of the Mississippi National River & Recreation Area) and the Rum River (designated as a wild and scenic river). The rivers are a great asset to our community, and they are a showcase that can help attract new families and businesses to the area. For example, the Mississippi River Trail (MRT) brings visitors from all over the country.

I want to make sure that our parks and trails are maintained, and continue working toward the overall improvement of our recreational amenities.


Tax Levies and Tax Rates

Over the past eight years, I've worked with the city council to keep our tax levies* and tax rates** stable. I'm proud to say that in 2020, our city's tax rate is the lowest it's been in eight years. My goal is to continue to work with the council to keep a financially sound budget.

*Incremental annual adjustments associated with the Total Levy are reflective of cost of living and commensurate with growth of population as well as providing services to meet the needs of the community.

**A decrease in the tax rate is an indication the tax dollars are being managed responsibly.
 Total LevyTax Rate